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  • Forerunner of wireless broadband

  • Forerunner of wireless broadband

  • Forerunner of wireless broadband


CeLa Link Corporation is the leading supplier of wireless solutions to the global customers.

LTE Indoor Router

CeLa Link's LTE Indoor Router works in various industries by its multiple interfaces, far reaching WiFi and powerful antenna gain.


LTE 450MHz Router

LTE 450MHz Indoor Router is the perfect solution in rural area, mountains, villages, islands, isolated lands, etc where require far reaching signal reception. This router comes with high gain external antenna for wide coverage under 450MHz network.


LTE Vehicle Router

LTE Vehicle Router ‘Zappy’ works in bus, truck, passenger car, taxi, etc by the use of vehicle power DC 9V~36V, offering remarkable features inside vehicles such as connection to payment system of bus/taxi, BIS/BMS(Bus Management System), WiFi service for a driver and passengers, medical device connection inside an ambulance on the go, etc.


LPWA Modem

LTE LPWA modem with LTE Cat.M1 technology is used for data communication in IoT (Internet of Things) industry, with Downlink speed at 300kbps and Uplink at 375kbps, with performance of ultra low power consumption, operation stability, security and durability. This LTE Cat.M1 modem is the ideal solution for smart city, smart home, automation, agricultural sector, etc thanks to its low power consumption and low cost investment.


Smart Meter Modem

3G/4G LTE Smart Meter Modem can connect to various AMR/AMI meters as the external device and the embedded board inside the meter. With our smart meter modem connected to the smart meter, the power utility providers can monitor the real-time data and accurate energy usage of houses and buildings.



mPERS stands for Mobile Personal Emergency Response System. CeLa Link’s mPERS is the perfect solution for seniors to stand more independent in life. It sends alarms to your friends, relatives or call centers to get an emergency help or medical consultant. Just press the button to speak to your people or call center through the speaker and the microphone in our pendant style device.



We embrace our customers with integrity and responsive, passionate mind all the time.





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CeLa Link is forerunner of wireless broadband.

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