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LTE Indoor Router

Workers in enterprises need always-on cellular connectivity to manage their critical jobs. With the wide range of WiFi access at workplace, workers can stay securely and reliably connected to their business and improve mutual collaboration no matter where they are through high grade of security.

M2M machines such as POS, bank ATM, CCTV, vending machine, Digital Signage, Kiosk, etc should stay online no matter what occurs and need to always run on with cellular back-up in case of the glitch of conventional cable internet service.

CeLa Link’s LTE Enterprise Routers offers such always-on cellular connectivityand the secured connection to M2M devices.

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LTE Vehicle Router

Up to date transportations such as taxi, bus, truck and trains adopt the mobile WiFi access, real-time tracking and payment service in vehicle. Cela Link’s LTE Vehicle Router has expertise in the use for vehicles with high grade of device reliability through LTE technology, multiple interfaces and GPS.

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