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LPWA Modem

Global giant cities with huge population face the challenge of brining the efficiency of resources and infrastructure in energy, water, waste and transportation sectors.
Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology for creating cities greener, safer and more efficient in the tide of smart city.
By the connection of devices, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere, cities can reduce energy and water consumption, and bring quality and safe life for people.

With its proven reliability and simple deployment, CeLa Link’s modems such as LTE Cat.M1 and Cat.1 are perfect solutions for formulating smart cities by IoT technology.

LTE Cat M1 is a low power wide area (LPWA) air interface that connects devices with medium data rate requirements (375 kbps upload and 300 kbps download speeds in half duplex mode) and CeLa Link’s modem supports LPWA.

* Applications
Smart Metering
Traffic and parking management
Waste management
Street lighting
Payment system
Pollution and environment monitoring

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