CeLa Link

A leader of world's IoT solution provider

Welcome to CeLa Link

CeLa Link Corporation is the leading supplier of wireless solutions to the global customers over the past years. We stand very competitive in the global market with creative S/W development and quality, consistent H/W solution in businesses in Enterprise, Internet of Things, Healthcare and Safety.

We have made international footprint with 4G LTE solutions over the past years since our establishment with powerful, reliable R&D and through collaboration with global customers.
We have expanded our technology focus and diversified our solutions to Internet of Things, Healthcare and Safety in recent years using PWA (Lower Power Wide Area) technology.
With the creative idea to become the forerunner in wireless industry, we always devote ourselves into releasing the market creating solutions to help us and our customers survive and stand strong in global markets.

CeLa Link Corporation offers the highly reliable quality solutions to customers at all times by fulfilling its duty and responsibility on every project. Competitive edges of CeLa Link Corporation are fast solution development, customization, exhaustive on-site testing at global markets until customer’ approval and reliable, consistent solution supply.

We embrace our customers with integrity and responsive, passionate mind all the time.