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LTE Vehicle Router ‘Zappy’ works in bus, truck, passenger car, taxi, etc by the use of vehicle power DC 9V~36V, offering remarkable features inside vehicles such as connection to payment system of bus/taxi, BIS/BMS(Bus Management System), WiFi service for a driver and passengers, medical device connection inside an ambulance on the go, etc. Circuit protection mechanism in a unit board brings safety and reliability of the unit despite the power surge and fluctuation arise from the vehicle ignition. GPS feature helps trace the exaction location of vehicles.

  • LTE Vehicle Router

    LTE Vehicle Router

    LTE Vehicle Router


    SIM lock setting



    Static IP, DHCP Client

    MAC/IP/Port/URL Filtering

    Remote management via WAN

    Ping filter from WAN

    VPN Passthrough

    Port Forwarding

    DMZ/Super DMZ


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