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LTE LPWA modem with LTE Cat.M1 technology is used for data communication in IoT (Internet of Things) industry, with Downlink speed at 300kbps and Uplink at 375kbps, with performance of ultra low power consumption, operation stability, security and durability. This LTE Cat.M1 modem is the ideal solution for smart city, smart home, automation, agricultural sector, etc thanks to its low power consumption and low cost investment.

  • LTE LPWA Modem

    LPWA Modem

    LTE LPWA Modem

    LTE Cat.M1 Modem for M2M

    Download 300kbps, Upload 375kbps

    Built-In TCP/IP Stack

    Robust Form Factor

    External Antenna

    9pin connector for RS-232C and DC Power

    Board To Board Connector(30pin)

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